The World's Most Minimal Running Footwear

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Info: The World's Most Minimal Running Footwear.

BarePadz™ are the closest you can get to actually running barefoot while still providing enough protection for rough terrain. BarePadz™ are made of high quality neoprene with a kevlar enhanced pad and are very easy to put on. BarePadz™ are very easy to hand wash and dry out quickly. If you are an experienced barefoot runner, BarePadz will feel like running on a cloud. If you are an experienced minimal footwear runner, Barepadz will take you to the next level of shoeless running.

WARNING:   If you are NOT experienced do NOT just head out for a run. You need to do a lot of research and learn about the benefits and methods for how to transition to minimal running or else you can get seriously injured! Here are a few great starting places: .
Ken Bob's Original Barefoot Running Site
Harvard Barefoot Running Site
Runners World Community Site

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Please accept our apology. We are currently not taking any new orders until the next version is complete! We have had some incredibly positive feedback and people tell us that they LOVE BarePadz. The next version aims to increase the durability significantly so that they can withstand the wide variety of rough terrain our customers have been using them on. Out next generation prototypes have shown many orders of magnitude improvement. Please bear with us while we ramp up production and get the next version ready! Thank you!